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About us

Welcome to @ Surrey Park


@ Surrey Park is the Home of Vintage & Modern Living, combining styles & treasured items of yesterday with styles of today & treasures of the future.  We have a love of "things" & quite simply, we wanted to share with you our favourites.  The stuff we just LOVE!  Things that make a grey day pretty!

@ Surrey Park we believe life is beautiful, life is to be lived & enjoyed.  We love those special items around you in your home that evoke memories of days gone by.  We believe in using the "good china" & " guest soaps" everyday.  We believe in romance & surrounding yourself with those you love & those who love you back.  We have learnt to find the beauty in the little things in life, anything that makes you smile!

We have a love of peonies & lillys, crystal & vintage teacups.  Of light-filled rooms, crisp white linen & sumptuous fabrics.  Of rustic touches, French & Scandanavian influences. Of black & white & unexpected bursts of colour.  We love family traditions & laughter filled days with friends.  There may even be a slight obsession with storage containers....

Why "@ Surrey Park"?

Surrey is where my great, great grandfather was born & when he & his wife settled in Cambridge, NZ in 1866, they named their farm "Surrey Park" & remained there for over 40 years.  Years on, my grandfather had a favourite racehorse also named "Surrey Park".  So it felt right to carry on the name in their honour!

So THANK YOU for taking the time to visit us, we hope it brings you a smile & who may find something you just love by looking at it, evoking treasured memories or helping to create new ones

Kim & Co